Shoot and Submit Storyboard

Time permitting, Liz draws a storyboard image for every shot that we shoot long before we get to see. This process of pre-visualizing the movie before getting to set is a crucial part of the planning process; it’s one of the only ways that you can be sure that you get everything you need when you are shooting, and that you aren’t going to be missing a shot that you need during the editing process. For Shoot and Submit, this was especially important, because we were moving between locations and we only had one day in which to get everything shot.

After you’ve taken a look at this, go back and watch the Block 1 opener again – it’s pretty cool to see how the images that Liz put on the page come to life in the actual short! And if you’d like to see the storyboards for El Caffinato and Written on Your Face, .pdfs of the complete documents are available for purchase in our store.