The proceeds from all purchases made in the Online Shop go towards supporting present and future Miner Light productions: covering festival entry fees, contributing to the budget for the next project, etc. We’re not trying to make a buck – just another movie!


Written on Your Face – Full Film Digital Download

When a college senior ignores the affections of his closest friend and chases after a distant crush instead, his quirky roommates intervene. Continental philosophers, medieval knights and animal behaviorists come together in this romantic dramedy about the difficult of confronting emotions. Miner Light Productions’ second short film will be available to stream online beginning in 2015, but if you’d like your own high quality copy of the film, or don’t want to wait to see it, a downloadable version is available for purchase here.

Length: 22:30          File type: 1920 x 1080 .mp4          Delivery: Digital Download





Written on Your Face – Complete Storyboard

Drawing storyboard images is an important part of the pre-production and pre-visualization process for us. Comparing the storyboard images with the finished film offers an interesting look at how a project moves from pre-visualization to completion, and there’s something cool about how the images look in-and-of themselves. Here you can purchase a .pdf of the complete storyboard for our second short film, Written on Your Face.

File type: PDF        Delivery: Digital Download




The Making of Written on Your Face

This book tells the full story of our second short film, Written on Your Face. The photos and anecdotes collected here trace the entire process from original concept through post-production. Originally created for some of the Kickstarter backers who supported the project, the resulting book will be of interest to all those curious about the challenges and rewards of making a film, or undertaking any large-scale artistic venture.

Whether you are yourself a filmmaker looking for inspiration and ideas about how to face the difficulties of a production, or someone who enjoys getting a detailed behind-the-scenes look at what goes into producing a movie, there is something in these pages for you!

You can order a print copy of the book through here, or purchase a downloadable .pdf below.

File Type: PDF         Delivery: Digital Download




El Caffinato – Full Film Digital Download

A hipster musical Western set in a contemporary coffee shop, El Caffinato tells the story of Milo Beckett, a lovesick loner who must lead the caffeine-buzzed regulars in a musical show down with an old-time foe, Dusky Dan Digby. Miner Light Productions’ first short film picked up the award for Best Professional Short at the 2012 Carrboro Film Festival and played at 8 other festivals throughout 2012. Sometime in 2014, the video will be available to stream online, but if you’d like your own high quality downloadable version, or just don’t want to wait  to see it, you can purchase a copy here.

Length: 12 minutes              File type: 1920 x 1080 .mp4         Delivery: Digital Download





El Caffinato – Soundtrack Digital Download

In case you need a soundtrack for your own New Tattoo Wednesdays or want to be a “bad, bad dude” and sing along with Dusky Dan Digby, you can now download the soundtrack to our rock opera, El Caffinato. This download includes slightly remixed/mastered versions of the music from the movie, broken up into separate tracks and stored as high-quality AAC files.

File type: AAC music files         Delivery: Digital Download