Written on Your Face is the second short film from Miner Light Productions. Supported by a $6,600 Kickstarter campaign, it was filmed in the summer of 2012 and completed one year later, in August, 2013. It was screened locally before the cast and crew and a group of friends and supporters in October, 2013.

When college graduation draws near and several seniors resolve to act on long-held desires, they find themselves stuck in a stale-mate of unreciprocated affections: Hank pursues Anna, who likes Oscar, who worships Heather, who admires Brian, who returns her feelings but won’t betray Oscar, his close friend. Only Morty, more in love with animals than with people, stands above the fray.

As Oscar enlists Anna, Brian, and Morty in his pursuit of Heather, tensions run high. How could they help him, when doing so would crush their own romantic hopes? In a moment of desperation, Brian decides to sabotage Oscar rather than assist him.

This mischief effectively breaks the stale-mate, as Oscar’s humiliation and panic incites a series of fights, which inadvertently reveal Anna’s place in his heart. Continental philosophers, medieval knights, and animal behaviorists come together in this romantic dramedy about the difficulty of confronting emotions.