El Caffinato is Miner Light Productions’ first short film. It is a blend of several different genres and ideas – it is a rock opera, loosely inspired by classic Westerns, set in a coffee shop and featuring young hipsters. It tells the story of Milo Beckett, a loner and musician who writes Experimental Dance Punk Noise Rock and longs for the attention of an attractive barista, Pepper, who sadly seems to have little interest in him.

One night, the peaceful world of Milo and Pepper’s coffee shop, El Caffinato, is disrupted by the return of Dusky Dan Digby, a rough-and-tumble rambler whose music has a loud and brazen swagger. After Dusky Dan proceeds to wreck havoc on the regulars of El Caffinato, breaking up chess games and tearing up novels, the hipsters start to turn to Milo for help. Milo, too lovesick and lonesome to be bothered, refuses their pleas until Dusky Dan makes the mistake of going after Pepper. Following a soul-searching soliloquy, Milo resolves to take action, but will his noise-y experimental rock be enough to drive Digby out?

El Caffinato premiered at the 2011 Carrboro Film Festival, where it received the award for Best Professional Short Film. It went on to screen at a number of other festivals across the country throughout 2012. A high-quality version of the full film as well as a .pdf of the complete storeboard can now be purchased in our online store, and the film will be available for streaming through Vimeo in January 2014.